Wholesale Can Liners

Poly Pak Plastics offers various types of trash can liners for home, industrial, food service and medical use. Our wholesale can liners made from 100% virgin polyethylene and feature a tubular construction to prevent breakage. All our trash can liners come with a 100% guarantee against manufacturing defects and are available in various thicknesses, widths, lengths, colors, and styles.
We offer both high density and low-density trash can liner options with a color choice of clear or black. For hospital and clinic applications, we offer medical grade options including linen bags and biohazard can liners that meet ASTM standards for medical waste transport.
Learn more about our wholesale garbage bag options by visiting the product links below or contact us to discuss your custom can liner requirements.

Trash Can Liners for Any Application

We offer a wide range of can liners in stock sizes and can accommodate custom requests for printing, sizing and more. (Insert link of garbage container pictures and how to measure link)

Linear Low-Density Can Liners

Low density polyethylene can liners with a tubular construction. Offered in sizes from 4 gallon to 60 gallon with thicknesses ranging from 0.48 to 4 mils. Available in clear or black.

Heavy Weight Can Liners

Extra thick and durable trash can liners for heavy duty applications up to 6 mils.

High Density – Coreless Trash Can Liners

Feature a tubular construction to eliminate breakage on side seams. Packaged on coreless rolls for convenience and offered in sizes from 22 x 22” to 38”x60” with thicknesses ranging from 6 microns to 1 microns. Clear or black.

High Density – Flat Packed Trash Can Liners

Have the same tubular construction as our coreless trash can liners but are flat packed in cases. Sizes range from 22 x 22” to 38”x60” with thicknesses ranging from 6 microns to 22 microns. Clear or black.

Healthcare Liners

Specifically designed for biohazard and infectious waste use in hospitals and clinics. Certified to exceed 480 grams tear resistance (ASTM D1922) and 165 grams impact resistance (ASTM D1709) for medical waste transport. Various sizes available. 

Soiled Linen Liners

Specialty healthcare liners for storing used linens including bedsheets, hospital gown and more. Available in blue and packaged in dispensing boxes. Certified to ASTM D1922 and ASTM D1709 standards.

Drum Liners

LDPE drum liners for use in boxes, compactors, shredders and wastebaskets. Available in various sizes ranging from 2mil-6mil thickness. Available in clear.

Dust Collector Bags

Durable poly cans liners for use with dust collection equipment. Available in various sizes and thicknesses.
(Insert link of garbage container pictures and how to measure link)

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Poly Pak Plastics offers poly can liners made from high quality materials and featuring a durable, tubular construction to prevent splitting at the seams.  Request a quote for your wholesale garbage bags today or contact us to learn more about our other poly bag products.