Custom Poly Gusseted Bags

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Ideal for applications requiring additional cubic space that standard bags cannot accommodate, wholesale custom poly gusseted bags offer the carrying capacity and versatility needed across various industries. Well suited for packaging and storing items, their functional use and expansion capabilities make them an excellent choice for food contact applications and uses.
Custom gusseted poly bags are especially useful for irregular-shaped items or large products that cannot be packaged with standard, non-gusseted bags. Custom side gusseted bags and custom bottom gusseted bags offer a variety based on your specification needs for size, color, and mil thickness.

Custom Plastic Gusseted Bag Features

Poly Pak Plastic’s custom gusseted bag capabilities include custom size options. Additional features include:
  • Available in 14 opaque and tinted colors, black, white, or clear
  • Made of 100% virgin, high-clarity polyethylene
  • .0009 to 10 mil options
  • Can be manufactured to meet FDA and USDA guidelines
  • Static control property manufacturing options available
  • Recyclable
  • All custom poly gusseted bags are made in the USA

Custom Side Gusseted Polyethylene Bags

  • Manufactured with a single seal along the width of the poly bag
  • Popular for food packaging
  • Take up less room than bottom gusseted plastic bags

Custom Bottom Gusseted Polyethylene Bags

  • Manufactured with no seal and box-shaped, with the capability of standing upright
  • Popular for food packaging, candy packaging, and more
  • Aesthetically, preferred over side gusseted bags
Please reference our resources to determine your custom gusseted poly bag size or mil thickness

Bulk Custom Gusseted Polyethylene Bag Applications

Commonly used in bakeries and grocery stores, custom poly gusseted bags are also used for applications such as
  • Foodservice and food packaging
  • Retail applications
  • Furniture protection and moving services
  • Industrial uses such as shipping reinforcement without the added weight

Poly Pak Plastics Custom Bulk Gusseted Bag Advantages

With 9 extruding lines and 8 converting lines, Poly Pak Plastics has the capability of manufacturing high-quality custom gusseted plastic bags with quick delivery. Most of our custom poly products can be shipped in less than a week. Our high-performance custom plastic gusseted bags come with a 100% guarantee against manufacturing defects. We strive to exceed expectations with our low minimum order requirements and quick lead times.
We also carry standard, in-stock gusseted poly bags in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

Order Your Custom Plastic Gusseted Bags Today

With extensive poly bag expertise spanning over 29 years, Poly Pak Plastics continues investing in our manufacturing capabilities. By utilizing advanced manufacturing equipment, we manufacture and distribute high-quality poly bags, sheeting, and tubing for customers throughout the US and Canada.
Discuss your custom poly gusseted bag requirements with us or request a quote today.