Custom Size Plastic Bags

  • Custom Size Plastic Bags
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  • From .0009 — 10 mil thicknesses
  • Manufacture 1.375" — 50" in width
  • Manufacture 1.5" — 625" in length
  • Extrude and convert plastic in house
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Poly Pak Plastics can manufacture poly bags to the custom size you need to suit your components or property, large and small. Though standard size bags are always in stock through our in-house inventory, custom plastic bags have a very short lead time. Most custom orders have a turnaround of just 5 days. 

At Poly Pak Plastics, we have 6 extruding lines and 8 converting lines which allow us to have control over each custom plastic packaging order. Our quality is assured with a 100% guarantee against manufacturing defects. Your satisfaction is our commitment. With quality products and excellent customer service, we manufacture your custom poly order quickly and efficiently. We are able to keep our pricing competitive because your order is done completely in-house.

Custom Poly Bag Benefits

  • Custom labeling for brand recognition 
  • Clear, black or a wide range of colored poly bags
  • Low quantity custom runs
  • Emergency and shipment escalation orders available
Poly Pak Plastics has the experience to bring you the highest quality poly bags, tubing, and sheeting to suit your needs. Our custom size products are large enough to provide a liner for a backyard ice rink and small enough to package jewelry individually.

Custom Sized Poly Bags for Your Industry

We manufacture a large number of odd size bags for a variety of industries including:
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Electronics
  • Industrial supply
  • Food processing
  • Photography
  • And many more!

Contact Us To Be Your Custom Plastic Bag Manufacturer

For more information on the custom poly products we can provide for you, call Poly Pak Plastics at 1-800-842-3113. To place your custom order today, simply fill out our custom quote form. We have the solution you need for your unique applications. Call us today! We’re happy to assist you with all your poly product requirements.