Reclosable Poly Bags

Reclosable bags are made using high clarity, 100% virgin polyethylene or polypropylene that meets FDA and USDA requirements for food contact. The top of a reclosable poly bag features a zip top closure that allows the bag to be easily sealed and resealed multiple times. Reclosable zipper bags are ideal for displaying or transporting items and provide a protective barrier that keeps contents free from dirt and moisture.

Reclosable Zip Top Poly Bags in Standard and Custom Sizes

Poly Pak Plastics is a distributor of reclosable poly bags in standard and custom sizes. We offer a wide variety of zip top bags including bio hazard specimen bags, saddle pack deli bags, zip top bags with hang holes, tamper evident zipper bags, and much more. Size selections range from 1.5” x 2” to 24” x 24” depending on the style selected. Our reclosable poly bags are also offered in 2 mil, 3 mil, 4 mil or 6 mil thickness.
Please select from the options below to choose a standard size bag. For custom length, width, or thickness, contact us to request a quoteWe offer a 100% GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects on all our poly bag products!

Wholesale Reclosable Zipper Poly Bags

Our wholesale reclosable zipper bags are made from durable poly and are offered in a wide variety of sizes and styles.  Quantities range from 50 to 1,000 zip top bags per case, depending on the type selected.
Not sure which size you need? Use our bag size reference guide for tips on how to select the right reclosable zipper bag for your application.
  • Zip Top with Hang Holes: Feature a zip closure top with a hole for use with merchandise and display racks.
  • Recloseable Polypropylene with Hang: Crystal clear poly bags with a zip top and a hang hole for use in retail applications. These bags have excellent moisture barrier properties.
  • Tamper Evident Recloseable Bags: A perforated tear notch covers the zip top closure of these releasable bags. Features a heat sealable bottom and keeps contents secure until the perforated top is removed.   
  • Parts Bag-Recloseable With Hang Hole: Recloseable poly bags with a zip top closure with hand hole and a white block for writing or printing parts numbers.
  • Recloseable With White Block: Poly bags with a reclosable zip-top closure and a solid white block writing product information.
  • Slider Top Recloseable: Have a plastic slider-style zip top for easier opening and closing.
  • Bio Hazard Specimen: Printed with a biohazard symbol for the disposal of medical waste and other bio hazard substances.
  • Chemotherapy Drug Bags:  Clear poly transport bags for chemotherapy drugs.  The front of the bag is printed with a standard chemotherapy symbol and hazard warning.
  • Recloseable Bubble Bags: Clear bags with air-filled bubbles that protect breakable or delicate products during packaging, shipping and storage.
  • Amber Recloseable Bags: Contain a UV additive that prevents light penetration for transporting pharmaceuticals, lab specimens, and other light sensitive items.
  • Saddle Pack Deli Bags: Zip closure food service bags mounted on a saddle pack dispenser for deli use and other food industry applications.
  • Mini Grip® Brand Bags: Clear poly bags with a mini grip closure featuring a red stripe.
  • Mini Grip® Brand – White Block: Clear poly bags with a mini grip closure and featuring a white block on one side for printing barcodes and product information.
  • Polypropylene Bags with Hang Hole: Clear, resealable bags with a small hang hole at the top for retail display.
  • Lip and Tape Poly Propylene Bags: Feature a flip-over top with a resealable tape closure to provide a durable seal.  

Order Wholesale Recloseable Poly Bags for Any Application

Our reclosable poly bags are offered in standard and custom sizes to meet your requirements. Place your order today or contact us to request a quote for custom zip top bags.