Poly Tubing & Sheeting

Poly tubing and sheeting come conveniently packaged in boxes or on a hollow core for easy dispensing. The thick material provides a protective barrier from moisture, dust, and other contaminants, allowing use both indoors and outdoors. Polypropylene bags are open at both ends and come in various widths and lengths to accommodate objects of different sizes, including oversized or oddly shaped items.
Use industrial poly tubing and sheeting for packaging individual items or covering equipment, pallets, and other large objects for shipment or storage. Economical, versatile, and durable, custom poly tubing and sheeting is the ideal industrial packaging solution.

Wholesale and Custom Polypropylene Bags Manufacturer  

Poly Pak Plastics supplies the demand for poly sheeting on rolls throughout the Midwest and across the United States. We are a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of extruded plastic sheeting and polyethylene tubing. Puncture resistant and weatherproof, this industrial poly tubing and sheeting is made from high clarity, 100% virgin polyethylene film.

Poly sheeting on rolls is generally not static controlled or FDA approved, though custom poly tubing and sheeting are available to meet your specific requirements. As a poly bag supplier and manufacturer, we can make each roll of poly sheeting to your exact specifications when it comes to width, mil, and length.

Ordering Options for In-Stock and Custom Poly Tubing and Sheeting

Each roll is a standard size or can be perforated based on your custom quote. All standard poly tubing and sheeting sizes are held in stock for fast delivery—low minimums and bulk pricing is available. Blanket orders are accepted for all our customers.

  • Pre-perforated at your specified length

  • Both stock and custom sizes available

  • 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film

  • Thicknesses range from .0009-10 mil ***Some circumstances up to 15 mils.

  • Complete guarantee against manufacturing defects 

We offer industrial poly tubing and sheeting in the following color options:

  • Black

  • Clear

  • Transparent White

  • White

Measurements for poly sheeting is shown below as width x length x gauge. Determine the right thickness for your poly sheeting by using our measurement guide. The number of sheets per roll follows the bag sizing. Order the correct size in the quantity you want from the product list below. If you don't see the size you need, call us at 1-800-842-3113 for a free quote. We are a custom manufacturer of poly sheeting and can convert our products to fit the size that suits your application.
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Poly Pak Plastics is a polypropylene bags manufacturer offering a wide selection of durable poly products at wholesale prices.  Order from our online selection of industrial packaging or request custom poly tubing and sheeting in the size you need.