Medical Grade Plastic Bags

Used in a variety of hospital and healthcare settings, medical-grade plastic bags offer you the identification and plastic packaging needed for safe waste disposal or medication transportation. Our medical plastic bags are highly visible and made of durable polyethylene and a blend of LLDPE. Ideal for any medical facility or setting.

Types of Wholesale Medical Poly Bags

Poly Pak Plastics provides a wide variety of in-stock wholesale medical plastic bags. Average quantities for in-stock bags vary from 50 to 1,000 bags per case. For medical purposes that require non-standardized sizing, we also offer custom plastic bags. Our medical poly bags are also recyclable and comply with all state and federal regulations.

Cleanroom Bags

Cleanrooms must follow stringent standards and guidelines that include specific requirements for ISO, FDA, and WHO compliance.  Ultra-cleanliness in medical and pharmaceutical settings requires contaminant-free cleanroom poly bags. Poly Pak plastics has the capabilities to manufacture cleanroom plastic bags that will comply with all cleanroom quality standards.  

Medication Transport Bags

Chemotherapy Drug Transport Bags

Clear, tough, pre-printed chemotherapy bags are manufactured with a convenient zipper lock and employ a reinforced side-welded zipper. Meets FDA/USDA specification standards.

Amber UV Resistant Protective Bags

UV protective bags are perfect for light-sensitive medications. In addition to our 8 stock sizes, we also offer custom poly bags for increased sizing options.

Biohazard Specimen Poly Bags

Pre-printed with the biohazard label, these clear, rugged specimen bags also include an external pouch for paperwork.

Tamper Evident Plastic Bags

Offered in 7 different sizes, our tamper-evident bags offer you the added security needed when transporting medication or hazardous waste. FDA and USDA certified for food contact.

Custom Size Plastic Bags

Poly Pak Plastics offers you a wide selection of custom plastic bags. Our custom capabilities include custom colors, sizing, and brand labeling. Custom size bags are perfect for plastic pharmacy bags, medication transfer bags, or any medical bag needs that are outside of the normal standard sizes.
Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to offer a very short lead time (average turnaround time is 5 business or less) and also allows us to offer low quantity runs for custom orders.

Medical Liner Bags

Healthcare Liners

Red waste liners that clearly identify infectious waste. Featuring a bottom seal, these waste liners are certified for tear resistance and medical waste transportation.

Soiled Linen Liners

Ideal in healthcare settings where soiled linens need to be easily identified. Our blue soiled linen liners are offered in a convenient dispenser box and come in sizes most commonly used in medical facilities.

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