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Polyethylene bags are durable and safe for food packaging and processing. The versatility and affordability of poly bags make them a popular choice for businesses ranging from bakeries to large-scale manufacturers.

Poly Pak Plastics is a polyethylene bag manufacturer and wholesale distributor. We always have a wide range of standard poly bag sizes on hand to meet all of your packaging needs. Short lead time is available on all products with just a 5-day turnaround, even on custom poly bags! We handle our materials from extruding to converting, so our quality is guaranteed, and our prices are low.

Our standard plastic bag sizes range from 1.375" — 50” wide and 1.5" — 625" long. We also can extrude products ranging from .0005 — 12 mil thick. Bag measurements are generally determined as width x length x gauge.

All plastic bags are made from 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film. We can also custom label your poly bags for brand recognition.
  • Made from 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene film
  • Poly bags meet FDA, USDA requirements
  • Low minimum quantities and wholesale prices
  • Custom labeling for brand recognition
  • 100% GUARANTEE against manufacturing defects

Deciding Between Lay Flat and Gusseted Poly Bags

Polyethylene bags come in every size imaginable, but the first step in the selection process is deciding whether you need flat or gusseted poly bags. Lay flat bags have a flat, sealed bottom and sides. This style of poly bag works well for packaging food, hardware, small electronics, periodicals, and a variety of other everyday products.
Gusseted poly bags expand to fit your product and are best for oversized and bulky items. These gusseted sides give you more “wiggle room” in packaging to help prevent tears caused by overstuffing. Extra-large bags are also available for covering large boxes or products stacked on shelves or pallets. 

Other Polyethylene Bag Considerations

In addition to the bag style, you should also consider:
  • Thickness: Selecting the appropriate gauge ensures the polyethylene bag is strong enough to hold your product.
  • Size: It’s better to have a bag that is too large versus too small. Take measurements to make sure you order the correct standard plastic bag size.
  • Customization: Special sizing and custom printing are an option for most polyethylene bags.  

Order Poly Bags in the Standard or Custom Sizes You Need!

Poly Pak Plastics is a poly bag distributor and manufacturer offering a wide range of polyethylene products including poly bags, plastic tubing, and plastic sheeting on rolls. Our poly bags meet FDA / USDA requirements for food contact and packaging though industrial polyethylene bags are generally not made to FDA standards unless requested by the customer.
We have a low minimum quantity requirement and stock items can be purchased at a low cost. A stock and release program is available for blanket orders. 

Choose your style above to order your poly bags or call us at 800-842-3113, and one of our experienced customer service representatives will answer any questions you may have. Fill out our custom quote form to request an order for non-standard poly bag sizes and gauges. We look forward to doing business with your company!