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When oxygen/air movement is necessary for your goods or food packaging, custom vented poly bags are a versatile choice for all your breathable storage needs. The functionality of vented plastic bags allows for oxygen to circulate and keeps moisture out. Wholesale vented poly bags are ideal for when you need to package or store items that need to remain free of air bubbles. The vented nature of the bags releases any trapped air and provides tight packaging for a wide range of applications.

Poly Pak Custom Wholesale Vented Bag Advantages

In addition to manufacturing custom vented bags made of polyethylene, Poly Pak has the capability to manufacture vented bags made of polypropylene. Poly Pak manufactured bulk vented poly bag benefits include:
  • Quick turnaround with delivery within 5 business days of your custom vented poly bag order
  • Vented bag orders can be made to meet FDA standards or manufactured with static control properties
  • Color options including 14 opaque and tinted colors, clear, and black included
  • Mil options ranging from 0.009 to 10 mil
  • Low order minimums with short lead times
  • 100% guarantee against manufacturing defects

Vented Poly Bag Industry Uses

While custom vented plastic bags can be used for produce, vented bags remain a very versatile option. Common industry uses, and applications for custom vented bags:
  • Mattress wrapping/packaging
  • Landscaping packaging such as vented bags for mulch or soil
  • Hardware applications/purposes
  • Clothing and apparel packaging
  • Produce packaging

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