Poly Bags on a Roll

Polyethylene is a lightweight, thin and durable material that is used to contain and package items ranging
from hardware to food products. Poly bags on a roll have a tubular shape with seamless sides that are flat or gusseted and a sealed bottom. Wholesale poly bags on a roll are perforated for easy dispensing and wound on a 3” core for use with bag dispensers in manufacturing, food preparation and similar applications.

Durable Wholesale Poly Bags on a Roll

Poly Pak Plastics manufactures and distributes poly bags in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet your packaging needs. Our poly bags on a roll are made from low density virgin polyethylene and resist puncturing and breaking for reliable durability. They are also FDA and USDA approved for food contact.
Use the product links below to select the wholesale poly bags on a roll that meet your exact requirements. Measurements for standard poly bags on a roll are shown as width x length x gauge. Gusseted poly bags on a roll are shown using width x gusset x length x gauge.
Our size selection guide provides helpful tips on how to select the correct size for your application. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss customization options, please contact our customer service team.

Poly Bags on A Roll Provide Easy Dispensing

Wholesale poly bags on a roll provide fast and easy dispensing for manufacturing, assembly and packaging. The clear, durable polyethylene material provides product visibility while protecting the contents from dust and moisture.
We offer wholesale plastic bags on a roll in different styles to meet a range of standard and automated packaging needs. Poly Pak Plastics also provides heat sealing equipment, tape and bag closures to accommodate your sealing needs.

Lay Flat Poly Bags on A Roll

Lay flat bags on a roll feature a tubular design with seamless sizes and a durable bottom seal.  They are offered in thicknesses from 2-6 mils

Gusseted Poly Bags on A Roll

Gusseted bags on a roll are available in 1, 1.5, 2, 3,or 4 mil thickness. A side gusset comes standard, but bottom gussets and unique sizes are also available via custom order.

Pre-Opened Poly Bags – Clear

Pre-opened poly bags on a roll have a tubular construction with a perforated back and a slit in the front. This design allows the poly bag to be easily opened for quick hand loading or use with automated bagging and packaging systems.

Pre-Opened Poly Bags – White Front/Clear Back

These pre-opened poly bags on a roll have the same design as our clear pre-opened bags but with a solid white front. This provides product visibility while allowing the white side of the poly bag to be printed with a barcode, skew number, company logo, or other information.

Get a Quote for Wholesale Plastic Bags on A Roll in Bulk

Request a quote today for the poly bags that meet your requirements. Our poly bags on a roll are offered in various sizes and styles and meet USDA and FDA requirements for food applications.
We also carry a variety of other poly bags including poly tubing and sheeting, reclosable bags, can liners and much more.