Custom Products and Services

  • Low minimum orders with short lead time
  • Custom products the way you need them
  • 14 opaque and tinted colors, clear, or black poly bags
  • .0009 — 10 mil options (Determine the thickness size for your application)
  • 100% virgin, high clarity polyethylene
  • Custom polypropylene capabilities
Poly Pak Plastics is a premiere manufacturer and distributor of custom plastic packaging including poly bags, tubing, and sheeting. Our products and services are designed around our customers to best suit your applications. Custom plastic bags are made in the U.S.A. and are completely recyclable. We use high clarity, 100% virgin polyethylene materials. Polypropylene can also be used in custom orders when requested by the customer. We have both extruding and converting lines to ensure your order is completed entirely within our facility. Your custom needs are our priority — call us at 1-800-842-3113 to learn more.
Custom size plastic bag orders have a quick turnaround with delivery in usually 5 days or less. We work hard to ensure your products meet your expectations. Custom manufactured polyethylene bags have exceptional clarity, superior strength, and durable seals and welds. All custom orders can be made to meet either FDA approval or static control properties.

Custom Products:

  • Autobag style
  • Die cut handle bags
  • Furniture covers
  • Gaylord/bin liners
  • Hanging literature bags
  • Markable bags
  • Bakery bags
  • Ice bags
  • Back-flip bags
  • Bags with a lip
  • Vented bags
  • Bottom gusseted bags
  • Printed bags require a 6 week lead time
  • Some custom items may take up to 2-3 weeks

Polyethylene Materials:

  • LDPE
  • Fractional Melt
  • Metallocene
  • Clear anti-static LDPE
  • Pink anti-static LDPE
  • Amine free anti-static LDPE
  • EVA
  • Low Slip
  • High Slip
Poly Pak Plastic offers a 100% guarantee against manufacturing defects. We want you to be satisfied with your order. We'll help you decide on the poly bag that works best for your application while staying within your budget to protect your bottom line. From auto bags on a roll for automated packaging machines to furniture covers for curved couches, our custom products protect your valuable property.

To order your custom products, request a custom quote! We are committed to providing the best in customer service. We look forward to doing business with your company!